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Hyperacuis and tinnitus questions were included in the recent National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). The data for this app is taken from the 2014 release of the National Health Interview Survey and includes responses from roughly 37,000 participants. The main objective of the NHIS is to monitor the health of the United States population through the collection and analysis of data on a broad range of health topics. There are two hyperacusis questions and ten tinnitus questions. Examples of topics that other questions cover include health conditions, health behavior, noise exposure, and mental health.

At the top of the interactive page you will see whether or not the relationship between two survey questions is statsitically significant. Due to the large sample size, most the comparisons will be statistically significant. This does not necessarily mean the relationship is strong, it just means that it is unlikely that the responses for the two questions are completly unrelated. You can crudely control for other variables by adjusting the subsets in sidebar of the Interactive page however more advanced statistical methods should be done if you want to control for factors such as age, sex, and noise exposure. Information on how to access the raw data is described below.

Check out hyperacusisfocus.org for more information on hyperacusis.

NHIS Documentation

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NHIS 2014 Data Release (Link to NHIS site) - Raw data (SAS,SPSS,Stata) and variable summaries

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